SODOMA, the movements of the church (SODOMA, los movimientos de la iglesia.)

It was a Report issued by Canal 13 (Chile)

[EN] Being part of the graphic team (Secuoya Chile) for Tele13, I had the privilege of being in charge of the look & feel of this report. The investigation was carried out by Danae Fuster, Coni Santa María and Cristian Venegas.

[ES] Siendo parte del equipo gráfico (Secuoya Chile) para Tele13, tuve el privilegio de ser el encargado del look & feel de este reportaje. La investigación estuvo a cargo de Danae Fuster, Coni Santa María y Cristian Venegas.

[EN] The graphic style chosen for this report had as its main concept the "search" of the cover-ups of the Chilean church. How priests accused of abuse are moved from one location to another covering up the crimes they commit.

[ES] El estilo gráfico elegido para este reportaje tuvo como concepto principal la "búsqueda" de los encubrimientos de la iglesia Chilena. Cómo los curas inculpados de abusos son movidos de una ubicación a otra encubriendo los crímenes que comenten.


"80% of the Vatican is homosexual"

- Frederic Martel, libro SODOMA

You can see the full report on  Tele 13 website